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About us

iPRO Group includes four companies each dedicated to supporting our overall goals. Our solutions are all encompassed in our “one source, one solution” approach that reflects our ability to offer in-house and external solutions, both in the UK or offshore. Each of our solutions combine to meet the design, sourcing, outsourcing, sub-assembly and full product manufacturing needs of our customers.


iPRO Solutions is UK based and has a strong track record in offering low cost sourcing solutions covering products such as Plastics, Electronics Assemblies, Metal fabrication, Machining and Castings. iPRO develops solutions based on customer requirements: from the design and development of mould tools through to asset financing, logistics, warehousing and direct supply to your production line.



iPRO Procurement is based in Penang, Malaysia and provides similar services as iPRO Solutions UK, but for customers who seek to work directly with a Far East based office. iPRO Procurement staff manage support activities including sourcing, management of suppliers, supplier audit, supplier quality and logistics.



iPRO Manufacturing is our UK based Manufacturing & Assembly operation offering a range of assembly options including machining, mechanical assembly, laser marking, test and inspection. We work with external partners to provide PCBA assembly that can then be integrated as part of a higher level assembly. iPRO Manufacturing can support a full range of manufacturing and supply options.



iPRO Limited is based in the UK and offers Supply Chain and Manufacturing Consultancy for customers who need to expert support in areas such as low cost sourcing, cost reduction, outsourcing, commodity market intelligence and logistics. iPRO Limited operates as an independent supplier of services to customers. For more information contact Martin Deas on +44 1844 292630.



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