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Quality Assurance

iPRO Solutions commit to delivering high-quality solutions to our customers by implementing our QA policies throughout the sourcing process. We are able to prevent mistakes or defects within the products we provide and can effectively avoid problems to confidently offer the best service to our customers.


We operate in compliance with ISO 9001 as standard and encourage our suppliers to aim towards this accreditation. TS1640 and AS9100 aspects are also included in our quality assurance strategy.

Our strong and vast supply base is periodically evaluated to ensure standards remain high. Within our quality assurance department, we also work on supplier tests and inspections, overseas pre-shipment validation, goods inspection and acceptable quality limit (AQL) sampling. We have recently installed new coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to improve the accuracy of the goods inspection and sampling process.

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CMM Inspection and Testing

iPRO Solutions has various testing methods, depending on the requirements and specifications of the customer. Our wide range of reporting capabilities means you can be assured of the quality of the product received. We are able to offer First Article Inspection (FAI) reports, Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts, Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIRs) & other test reports.


Both our overseas and UK offices have the ability to inspect and test all of our chosen suppliers as well as the products and components produced by them.


Within our Haddenham facilities, we house three coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), two vision systems and a range of handheld measuring kits. We have also acquired a CAD and scanning capable CMM which has greatly improved our testing capabilities.

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QA, CMM Inspection and Testing

At iPRO Solutions, we believe in low cost and high quality, so our testing and quality assurance (QA) processes form the core of our business strategy.

iPRO’s commitment to high quality is evident throughout our business, with a lot of focus being placed on quality assurance (QA), inspection and testing. We focus on every stage of our supply chain to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality every time. Our inspection and testing procedure is an in-depth analysis of all areas of manufacture and distribution.


All of our new and existing global suppliers are subject to a day one commercial audit before a partnership can be established. Thereafter an annual quality systems inspection and audit will be carried out to ensure standard practices are being maintained. Supplier audits are graded and actions are generated which detail areas for improvement. Non-conformance reports (NCRs) are also produced and actioned accordingly.

We also carry out component and final product testing as part on our ongoing commitment to customers.

QA, CMM Inspection and Testing