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iPRO’s experience in sourcing and supply of electronic PCB assemblies has grown extensively in recent years.



Working together with a range of high-quality suppliers utilising the latest technology for PCBA assembly, iPRO’s core expertise in the procurement and management of PCB components has combined to offer unbeatable cost savings to our customers.



iPRO reduces the ‘perceived’ risk of off-shore sourcing of electronic pcb’s and assemblies by managing the project from both an off-shore and UK perspective.

Our own off-shore sourcing / quality personnel work closely with the supplier to ensure parts and process are to customer requirements, while our UK customer service teams keep customers informed of progress throughout initial projects and into production.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Whether it is small and simple PCB assembly or large highly complex multi-layer boards, iPRO has the ability to source the right supplier and offer the right solution to fit your requirements.

iPRO services both high and low volume customers. Customers often benefit from our suppliers purchasing power to obtain lowest component pricing for BOM components. All suppliers offer full test facilities and adhere strictly to ISO 9001 / TS16949 certification.


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