iPro Solutions has an extensive metal processing and manufacturing base, predominantly throughout Asia, including China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan. We work with a range of suppliers from various sectors, many of which are ISO 9001 certified.


The components we source always come from reputable suppliers and are available in a wide variety of raw material grades. We have the ability to provide aluminium, stainless steel and various alloys to meet customer’s individual specifications.


iPro also has a range of capabilities in terms of commodity and process. Our local and global supply bases can offer casting and forging right through to extrusion and pressing. More details can be accessed through the individual capability sections. Alternatively, get in touch if you have further queries.


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iPro Solutions has expert knowledge in metal casting and sourcing components that require specialist casting. We have a selection of suppliers who produce high-quality castings and can source products requiring high-pressure die casting and investment casting through to gravity and sand casting. The suppliers chosen by iPro can produce castings in a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, spring steels and engineering alloys.


Our management system will control your project from the initial drawing RQF right through to metal casting and delivery. No matter what your needs may be, iPro can provide a suitable solution.

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Forging has been adopted by iPro Solutions as a cost-effective solution to component production compared to a machine-from-solid approach. We have reliable forging suppliers across Asia in Taiwan, China and Malaysia. iPro forges stainless steel as well as mild steel for a range of applications. Our forged products can be used within the industrial, medical and automotive sectors.


Our dedication to sustainability is expressed through our decision to forge certain components as waste raw material is dramatically reduced, compared to other methods such as the CNC process. We will always use the best method of producing components in accordance to cost, sustainability and reliability.

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CNC machining

iPro Solutions has an extensive manufacturer base throughout Asia for a variety of CNC machined raw materials, covering both milling and turning. We work with suppliers in Malaysia and China to provide our customers with quality, cost-effective parts. Our core competence lies within complex high-precision components that may also include the need for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) CMM inspection and Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) as part of the approval process.


CNC machining is especially useful when bespoke parts are needed, as the unique component can be created as a one-off or in bulk using this method of production. iPro will work with your designs and drawings to ensure the perfect part is sourced from our reliable supply chain.  


We supply precision machined components to meet our customers’ exact requirements, every time. iPro’s experience within the sourcing market means we are aware of all obstacles that may occur and can effectively overcome them with ease. iPro should be your first point of call for any CNC machined parts.

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In recent years iPro Solutions has developed a competent and competitive offshore manufacturing base of high precision aluminium extrusions, covering a wide variety of product types. We source and supply, interior door systems, LED lighting heatsink and large-scale products for electric vehicle charging points amongst other specialised parts.


Aluminium extrusion involves transforming aluminium alloy into useful parts, featuring a cross-section. iPro can offer a variety of finish treatments to customer specification which can include painting as well as plating. The benefits of using aluminium components include its non-magnetic properties meaning it will not interfere with other components within the final product.


iPro’s environmental values are also exceeded by using aluminium, as it can be recycled indefinitely and therefore we know that there is little to no material wastage when extrusions take place.


We work primarily with ISO 9001 accredited suppliers to ensure all of the parts we offer to our customers are following strict quality guidelines. At iPro, we pride ourselves in offering cost-effective products that do not compromise on quality. We ensure we stay ahead of our competitors by working closely with customers to provide bespoke parts that meet expectations every time.

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Pressing and Stamping

Metal pressing and stamping is a technique used to shape metal sheets into useable components. It is a very ethical method of production as little raw material is wasted. When using aluminium the waste metal is recycled back into sheets to be used again and again. Other recyclable metals can also take advantage of this process.


iPro Solutions manages a manufacturing base that covers high-volume presswork. We work with suppliers and manufacturers to utilise progression tooling ensuring our customers can have a range of different products available to them.


We also work with suppliers to produce small-volume deep-drawn tooling for specialist applications. We can ensure that the final product is to the exact specification of the drawings provided by the customer. Our dedication to precision and quality as well as providing cost-effective solutions has made iPro a big name in the product sourcing industry.

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Sheet Metal and Fabrication

Along with CNC machining we also offer all forms of sheet metal and fabrication in all types of materials from Aluminium through to Titanium, utilising our global network of suppliers.


The processes we offer range from laser cutting, CNC punching and forming, wire and tube forming, welding and deburring, using thin sheet metal up to plate material.


These material and processes allow us to offer complex sheet metal enclosures, brackets and structures plus fabricated components like brackets, fixtures, frameworks and tubular products.

To compliment the sheet metal, fabrication plus all our other manufactured services we offer a full range of finishing, this includes powder coating, wet painting and all forms of plating and heat treatment.


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