iPro Solutions has core competence in the development and supply of plastic injection moulded components. This experience comes predominantly from the extremely close working relationship with a range of manufacturers within Asia. We are aware of the entire production process within our chosen suppliers and can therefore be sure of their quality control and integrity.

Our capability within plastics extends to high tolerances of up to 40 microns which is achieved through extensive process optimisation coupled with the potential for tooling compensation.


iPro has been a driving force behind these world-class processes which, when combined with design for manufacture (DFM) and mould flow analysis (MFA), enables iPro to maintain high status in the production of precision plastic components. We are proud to be such a big name in the global sourcing industry and work hard to ensure we maintain this position in the future.


As well as high precision components, iPro can also deliver two-shot moulded parts and in-mould decoration (IMD) components, all in a variety of materials, such as ABS, PPS, PA, PVC and PP.


iPro manages all tooling developments on our customers’ behalf, ensuring products are released and approved by the industry standard pre-production approval process (PPAP). We will also manage stage payments for tooling, from suppliers, whilst maintain ning strict guidelines.


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Injection moulding

We work with a number of high quality proven ISO 9001 / TS16949 suppliers to manufacture a wide range of precision-engineered components, involving insert-moulding of fixings, heatstaking secondary processes or overmoulding of rubber on plastic.

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Design for Manufacture (DFM)

For Injection moulded components, we carry out our own ‘Design for Manufacture’ review, including Mould Flow analysis to optimise tooling design and the moulding process.


The DFM process can dramatically shorten development lead times by identifying early issues such as sinkage, warping or draft angles that may require tooling modification after sampling.

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iPRO has extensive experience and capability to design and manufacture Plastic Injection Mould Tooling to meet exacting customer requirements. We have a variety of proven and capable suppliers throughout Malaysia and China capable of producing high quality tooling to demanding leadtimes.

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