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iPRO creates trading company in China

iPRO have created a trading company in China- iPRO Solutions (Shanghai) which gives iPRO the ability to buy and sell in local currency. iPRO China have also recently required new office space in line with the company’s expansion plans.  This move will help iPRO develop working relationships with a wider variety of Chinese suppliers. This local office is key to iPRO’ s low cost country sourcing strategy. iPRO have had the benefit of long standing relationships with Chinese suppliers and having an office in China allows iPRO to build true collaborative partnerships with  preferred suppliers in China.

iPRO CEO, Martin Deas says

“ Despite the current economic turmoil in China, the competitiveness of the supply base remains strong. We have many long standing supplier relationships, and we continue to see opportunities to expand. The recent changes in the Chinese economy are in some cases allowing us to leverage better prices for our customers”

 With this expansion, the company is well positioned for future growth.China Office

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