At iPRO Solutions, we are often asked about our services and what we can do. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the questions that we hear most often regarding our supply chain management and sourcing solutions.

If your question is not resolved below, please feel free to contact us

What are the benefits of using iPRO as an intermediary, as surely you must add costs onto the manufacturer’s price?

iPRO is a complete package for manufacturing companies, meaning you only have one source and one contact. We go directly to the supplier to source the highest quality components for the lowest price.  We manage logistics and arrange supplier consolidated containers to ensure that transport costs are also reduced.

Our own highly trained employees assemble materials and our own warehouse space houses all of our projects. This means you don’t have to worry about overheads of warehousing, logistics and staff costs.

Where can you save, my company cost and resource?

At iPRO we can save you time, reduce manual labour, eliminate storage overheads and lower your material costs.

Being the single contact point for your project allows us to take responsibility for managing complex overseas supplier relationships. Working with locally based, experienced staff means that we can easily deal with the complexity of sourcing overseas. We can overcome issues relating to trading laws, currency and language barriers, leaving you to focus your efforts on running your business effectively and ensuring your customers’ satisfaction is maintained.

Our ever-expanding network of suppliers and logistic companies means that we are constantly checking the market for the best competitive prices, allowing you to pass on savings to your customers.

We work with a consignment stock approach which can also save you money as you only need to pay on consumption of products and not on shipping from the manufacturer. In addition, iPRO has a large logistics network so we can arrange for components to be delivered directly to the production line or end user.

How can you support our project before series production?

At iPRO we have an experienced engineering and sales department that can offer technical and material advice.  We have the capabilities within our supplier network to reverse engineer a variety of parts and can also work on prototypes for approval.

We consistently go above and beyond expectations and if we don’t currently have the right solution, we will source one!

What are your speciality projects and assemblies?

Most of our work is with metal, plastic and electronic components. We have our own production lines based at our Haddenham premises, where we have a mixture of bespoke and traditional bench tools. iPRO also has a semi-clean room with a range of specialist equipment from multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning to HEPA air filtered areas. iPRO also has precision CNCs and state-of-the-art CMM metrology systems. Furthermore, we carry out controlled lighting inspections at our site.

Is your supply base ISO9001 accredited and operated ethically?

Most of our selected suppliers are 1SO9001 accredited and all of them are periodically inspected and audited in line with our product sourcing strategy. We ensure that all suppliers comply with our ethical and legal standards.

What sectors do you operate within?

We work within a range of sectors including, but not limited to marine, medical,  scientific, oil & gas, healthcare, rail, printing and aerospace. Please read our sector page for more information or call us to discuss your individual needs.

Do you have standard terms and conditions?

Yes, we have a standard set of terms and conditions, but we understand that we sometimes need to be flexible. We will be happy to discuss different options based on your requirements.

Do you sign NDAs? Are my products designs safe with you?

Yes, your product designs are definitely safe. We always sign NDAs and make sure all our suppliers also sign NDAs. We take care to remove names from drawings and specifications to promote confidentiality.

Where do you operate from?

Our head office is based in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, UK. Here, we run our supply chain, assembly lines, finance team, sales team and warehouse. We also have offices in India, China and Malaysia which means we can liaise directly with manufacturers. iPRO conducts supplier audits and product quality checks efficiently from our overseas offices.

Do you have someone that can visit us to discuss your capabilities?

Yes, definitely! We are always happy to talk through our services with new clients. Please call us on 01844 292630 or use the contact form to organise a visit.

What makes you different from other product sourcing companies?

iPRO is a one-stop-shop solution.  Our flexible approach allows us to work with a variety of companies, offering a range of different services. We work as a complete supply chain management company, focusing closely on quality management, assembly and testing, warehousing and distribution.

What accreditations do you hold?

iPRO currently holds ISO9001 accreditation with TS16949 and AS9100 aspects.

We also hold AS9120 aerospace accreditation, which was awarded in the summer of 2017. Most of our selected suppliers also hold accreditations so we know our products are coming from reliable manufacturers.

Would you take on our current suppliers?

Yes, we would! We are happy to take on your current suppliers, as long as they are compliant with our quality and ethic policies and have been audited by iPRO. We are pleased to offer supplier audits and can even source alternative suppliers if we feel you could benefit from their lower costs and high quality. See our sourcing page for more information or contact us on 01844 292630.