Who We Are

Our Vision: To be a leading solutions provider to the manufacturing sector


Our Mission: To provide manufacturing sector customers with solutions that improve their business performance

iPRO draws together resources from multiple disciplines to support our customers' goals. Our ethos is based on “one source, one solution” reflecting our ability to offer in-house and external solutions, both in the UK or offshore. Each of our solutions combine to meet the design, sourcing, outsourcing, sub-assembly and full product manufacturing needs of our customers. 


iPRO is a UK based business with offices of our own teams in Malaysia, China and India. We have a strong track record in offering best-fit-best-value sourcing solutions covering commodities and assemblies within Plastics, Electronics and Metals. iPRO develops solutions based on customer requirements: from design input and development of tools through to parts production, asset financing, logistics, warehousing and direct supply to your production line or end customer.


Our UK based Manufacturing & Assembly operation offers a range of assembly options spanning a wide range of techniques. With our expertise in sourcing, iPRO can offer a true value add opportunity for customers seeking subcontract manufacturing and whole life product cost savings.