iPRO offers a range of logistics solutions to support customer demands.

All of our customers rely on iPRO’s excellent logistic solutions. Whether they are taking advantage of our complete supply chain management and assembly solutions or just benefiting from our sourcing expertise, our logistic services are hard to beat. We offer a flexible approach and provide expert services and solutions throughout every stage of the supply chain.


At our premises in Haddenham, we have over 26,000 square feet of warehousing space with 16,000 pallet spaces.  On average our experienced warehouse and logistics team handle approximately 200 containers a year shipped from South East Asia and China.

As part of our commitment to quality, we have developed our network of preferred and partner forwarders and work closely with supplier consolidated companies.


Line side delivery

When materials are delivered direct to line side, improving the efficiency of the production line.


Consignment Stocking

Products are not charged for until consumed when exchanged via a consignment stocking system. This improves cash flow and reduces cost-related risks for the end seller.


Drop ship delivery

Goods are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer resulting in the elimination of warehousing fees.


VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

The supplier of the goods, usually the manufacturer, is responsible for maintaining the buyer’s inventory according to an agreed level.


JIT (Just In Time)

Materials or components are delivered immediately before they are required in order to minimise storage costs.