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Supplier Auditing

iPRO Solutions takes supplier auditing very seriously and we ensure all of our partners are commercially assessed on day one to determine their viability. Our suppliers must meet our quality standards as well as our ethical policies in terms of safe working practice and sustainability.


Once a supplier has been selected to be a part of our global sourcing base, they are subject to subsequent audits and quality checks to ensure they consistently maintain their current standards.


We currently audit our clients according to ISO 9001 quality standards with TS16949 and AS9001 aspects also included to ensure the highest level of control is being undertaken.


Our methodical approach to selecting partners and our sophisticated auditing system has been key to our success in delivering high-quality products at low costs. We want our customers to trust iPRO for all of their sourcing needs and to understand that we will choose only the best suppliers for their projects.

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Inventory Management

iPRO Solutions use a reliable and flexible customer relationship management (CRM) system to log all orders, invoices and stock reports, without the use of additional programs.


The ability to adapt the system based on our requirements and those of our customers means that we can meet individual customer demands easily and efficiently. We are able to set up periodic stock reports that can be sent to an intranet site for the customer to view. Customers also have access to invoices and can add purchase orders if and when they please.


All of our stock is fully traceable, from the supplier right through to the final delivery destination. We aim to ensure the customer is kept informed along the way so they can prepare for an exact delivery time. We are able to manage multiple warehouses including virtual and supplier facilities to meet the needs of our individual customers. iPro also offers both vendor managed inventories and just-in-time deliveries for further efficiency.


iPRO can also work on a consignment stocking system, allowing end-users to absorb the effects of considerable savings along the supply chain. You only pay for what you use, reducing financial risks and offering a continuous replenishment of up-to-date products.

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Stock Financing

Stock financing is a process which releases working capital against the value of inventory that is otherwise tied up with the customer’s balance sheet. When end-users need to see stock before purchasing, it is essential to have it available to them, without the guarantee of a sale. Many businesses find it necessary to use stock financing as a way to have stock readily available without taking on the associated risk of purchasing expensive products. Instead, companies take out loans against the stock, which is paid back once sold.  


iPRO Solutions can offer this impressive benefit to customers allowing them to focus more closely on growth and expansion. We work with all of our customers on an individual basis to ensure the best solution is offered to them in terms of financing and stocking,

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Supply Chain Management

At iPRO solutions we have a dedicated supply chain team, with locally placed members in our UK, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian offices. We are a global sourcing company and have the knowledge and expertise to source and supply a variety of quality components for all projects.

Many of our commodity buyers deal mainly with plastic injection moulding, metal fabrication and electronic components and therefore iPRO works to ensure they receive only the best products from our reliable supply chain.


Our supply chain team is competent in many areas including managing the entire supply process whilst obtaining and negotiating the best pricing solutions. They can arrange samples and prototypes, ensure quality checks are carried out to our expected standard as well as review and agree production cycles, times and requirements. Our supply chain management team will sign off to APQP and PPAP requirements and can organise dedicated shipping and stocking within the UK. We are always happy to arrange the transportation of goods to a specified warehouse or your own facility. iPRO always carries out supplier audits  to ensure the integrity of the manufacturers in our supply chain. Our extensive experience allows us to be competent in problem-solving and makes iPRO perfect for all your global sourcing needs.

Supply Chain Management