Our Customers

iPRO works with a range of customers across numerous industries: from Electric Vehicle charging, scientific equipment and medical devices, aerospace and defence, petrol pump manufacturers, marine, rail, lighting solutions and many more...

Our capabilities ensure we can source and supply quality parts for the most demanding of markets stretching iPro’s capabilities to customers in medical instrumentation and the niche automotive sector.


We also provide sourcing and assembly solutions to a broad number of other markets including, consumer products, renewables and green energy and the engineering and lighting sectors.


Working with a number of world-class clients, we reduce the complications of managing a global supply chain, handling and sourcing materials as well as warehousing and logistics.


As a trusted partner to many customers, iPro can solve design issues and lead the design-for-manufacture process, manufacture parts using our extensive organic facilities and capabilities as well carry out supplier audits to ensure everyone in the supply chain is working towards the standards we expect.


At iPro, we work to ensure our customers can cut costs, save time and free up extra space enabling them to focus on their core competencies such as design, marketing and sales. Our integrated solutions allow SMEs and global companies to secure the benefits from of using a global sourcing company such as elevated sales, profitability, improved cash flow and investments.


Our customer portfolio includes:


  • A leading European Electric-Vehicle charging OEM

  • A British multinational telecommunications services company

  • A cutting edge R&D led scientific analysis company that specialises in molecular sensing systems.

  • A global leader in energy harvesting, wireless remote condition monitors to the railway industry.

  • A disruptive technology LED luminaire OEM

  • A world leading, award winning OEM in piezoelectric industrial printing